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Best Miradouros in Lisbon

Best Miradouros in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal is iconically known for its epic red roof skylines and classic old-world European charm. When visiting Lisbon, it’s key to know exactly where to find the best views to take in this classic sight. Those can actually be found by visiting Miradouros in Lisbon!

Miradouros actually translates to “viewpoints” in Portuguese. This is appropriate seeing as all the best views in Lisbon are found at Miradouros around the city. 

We put together this guide to the best Miradouros in Lisbon to help you plan out which ones you want to visit.  Also, to make sure you don’t miss any of the best views in Lisbon.

1. Miradouro de Santa Luzia

The Miradouro de Santa Luzia is my absolute favorite Miradouro in Lisbon. It is the most beautifully designed with a classic portuguese tile (“azulejo”) patio that is framed by a cozy trellis. It offers a spectacular overlook of the Lisbon waterfront as well. 

While it can be a great spot to visit for sunset in Lisbon, it is actually best for Sunrise as it this miradouro is eastern facing. At sunrise, there is absolutely not another soul in sight. This makes it a beautiful place to enjoy the Lisbon sunrise in solitude. You can also easily take a $3 Uber from anywhere in central Lisbon to arrive here for sunrise if you don’t want to walk in the dark. 

Also, if you do go to watch the sunset at Miradouro de Santa Luzia, it’s worth stopping in at the little mini mercado across the street to grab a drink for the terrace. There will likely be live music as well. Both times we visited in the evening there was someone playing the Fado music that many people come to Lisbon to hear.

2. Miradouro da Graça

To find a sweeping view of the Lisbon skyline, the Miradouro da Graca is a fantastic viewpoint in to visit. Perched high in the hills, you also have a great view of the famous Lisbon castle from this miradouro too!

It’s about a 7-minute walk from Miradouro de Santa Luzia, so it’s easy to combine the two into one visit. Keep in mind though, this miradouro is an uphill walk, so prepare for a good burn in your buns as you trek up here.

Or, if you’re on a mission to see many Lisbon miradouros, you can easily Uber up to the Miradouro da Graca like we did 🙂

3. Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte

When comparing views alone, I actually believe that the Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte has a better view than the Miradouro da Graca. It’s further up the hill, so you get a higher vantage point, and it has more space to take in the 180-degree views of the Lisbon skyline.

However, it’s again another 10 minutes walking quite uphill from the Miradouro da Graca. From most central Lisbon locations, it’s a solid 25-30 minute uphill walk.

That being said, the view at this miradouro is spectacular, and it’s a wonderful spot to take in the sunset with a drink in hand! Since it is more out of the way, it tends to also be less busy, and attract more of a local crowd.

4. Miradouro das Portas do Sol

This Miradouro is an easy one to visit, with great views over the Lisbon rooftops and into the harbor below. It is actually right around the corner from the Miradouro de Santa Luzia, so they’re a great pair to check together.

The views are great, but I think that this is probably one of the most popular viewpoints in Lisbon. Unfortunately, that means it’s often very busy. So if you’re trying to take some great photos, that can be difficult. As a result, the overall atmosphere is definitely more touristy than the other ones I’ve listed below.

If you’re already in Lisbon’s charming old neighborhood of Alfama, this is still a great Miradouro to check out. There are also several casual bars and “Quiosques” (kiosks) right around, so it is a lovely spot to grab a drink. 

5. Miradouro da Rocha Conde de Obido

This Miradouro was actually one that we stumbled across during our daily one hour walks during the month we lived there. I didn’t find it in any of my research looking for the best Miradouros in Lisbon, and definitely think it’s a hidden gem!

The Miradouro is filled with some of the largest old trees I saw in Lisbon. The most central one has actually been transformed into a beautiful vine-covered terrace that feels straight out of a movie. On top of this, there’s a great view of the bay as well.

In the several times we visited after initially discovering it, the Miradouro da Rocha Conde de Obido was almost always empty. This is unlike many of the other popular Lisbon miradouros listed above.

Also, it’s in a great location that is an easy, flat walk from many other locations in central Lisbon. This miradouro is actually just down the street from Heim Cafe, one of our favorite brunch spots. What a great spot to chill and digest after eating some yummy food!

6. Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcantara

When walking around exploring Lisbon, this miradouro is likely one that you’ll walk right by and is definitely worth stopping quickly to check out. Located just at the border of the Principe Real Neighborhood, it has a regal atmosphere and great view over the city skyline.

It was right next to The Lumiares hotel that we stayed in our first week in Lisbon. So one night we actually grabbed take out dinner for less than $10 and had a fun little picnic at this miradouro.

Since it is very centrally located and easy for many tourists to walk right by, the Miradouro de  São Pedro de Alcantara tends to get very busy as well. If you’re in the neighborhood, I’d definitely suggest stopping by. But it’s not one that I would go too far out of my way for!

Map of Miradouros in Lisbon: