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Lazy Boy Bowl Ski Touring

Lazy Boy Bowl is a great low angle ski touring option in the Duffey Lake Road area north of Pemberton. It is located on the south side of the Cayoosh Mountain, which itself is a very popular day tour in the fluffy Duffey. Featuring endless options on north, south, and east-facing aspects, there’s almost always good snow to be found here. Plus, a variety of low angle lines make Lazy Boy Bowl a good choice for beginner backcountry skiers or when snowpack conditions aren’t optimal.

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Ski Touring on Mount Rohr

Mount Rohr is a great single day ski tour located in the Duffey Lake area. Featuring epic views that change with every ridgeline you gain, the Mount Rohr ski tour is a very enjoyable adventure for intermediate backcountry skiers. From tree skiing, to boulder fields, to alpine meadows and approachable chutes, Mount Rohr offers something for everyone and for all conditions.

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Black Crows Skis Review

If you’ve been to a ski resort at any point in the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of Black Crows. The Chamonix-based ski manufacturer has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and their colorful, geometric graphics are hard to miss. So why is everyone making the switch? Let’s review Black Crows Skis, some of their best models, and what the company is all about.

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Gin Peak Ski Tour

Gin Peak is a moderate length single day ski tour located in Callaghan Country. It is accessible from Whistler Olympic Park, which is just a short drive from Whistler proper. 

Its location, terrain offering, and medium difficulty make it a popular destination for intermediate backcountry skiers, snowshoers, and splitboarders. On a weekend day in the winter you can expect to find many people making the climb up to Gin Peak.

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Getting Started with Backcountry Skiing – Without Breaking the Bank

So you’re looking to get started with backcountry skiing…you’re not alone! The allure of escaping crowded resorts to explore isolated, rugged terrain with deep powder has drawn hoards of new adventure seekers to the sport in the past couple years. This trend comes as no surprise as many of the previous barriers have been knocked down. Advances in route planning tools, guide books, topographic maps, safety training and avalanche forecasts have combined to make backcountry skiing more approachable than ever before. Be that as it may, one of the most prohibitive barriers still remains – Cost. Although the costs of lift tickets no longer apply, the costs of the requisite, specialized equipment really add up in a hurry. But fear not! In this article, I’ll outline some strategies you can use to keep the entry costs under control and get started with backcountry skiing, without breaking the bank.

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