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Lazy Boy Bowl Ski Touring

Lazy Boy Bowl Ski Touring

Lazy Boy Bowl is a great low angle ski touring option in the Duffey Lake Road area north of Pemberton. It is located on the south side of the Cayoosh Mountain, which itself is a very popular day tour in the fluffy Duffey. Featuring endless options on north, south, and east-facing aspects, there’s almost always good snow to be found here. Plus, a variety of low angle lines make Lazy Boy Bowl a good choice for beginner backcountry skiers or when snowpack conditions aren’t optimal.

Getting to the Trailhead

Access to Lazy Boy Bowl is from the popular Cayoosh parking lot, just off of Duffey Lake Road. The parking lot is on the south side of the highway at kilometer 16. Driving times to the Cayoosh parking lot are roughly 1h hour from Whistler, 1h 45 from Squamish, and 2h30 from Vancouver. Once parked, the trailhead for Lazy Boy Bowl is a conspicuous old logging road directly across from the parking lot. This is the same trailhead for accessing Cayoosh. There is usually a clearing in the snowbank which marks the starting point. 

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Lazy Boy Bowl Ski Tour Stats

The straight line distance from the parking lot to the top of Lazy Boy Bowl is about 6.5km one-way, gaining 920m of elevation along the way. This makes it a relatively easy day tour if you’re just going to the top and back. When we did it we did 3 laps of the bowl to get some more turns in. Starting elevation of the parking lot is 1,260m and the top of the bowl is around 2,150m. 

Starting the Tour

As mentioned before, the start of the Lazy Boy Bowl ski tour starts on an old logging road, the same one used by backcountry skiers who are aiming to ski Cayoosh. There were a few snowmobile tracks on the road when we did it, but we didn’t see any sleds all day. The logging road is a very gradual climb for about 2.5 kilometers, with a 1 kilometer flat stretch in the middle. The road comes to an end at which point you start to gain some elevation while wrapping around the southern ridge into the valley of Lazy Boy Bowl.

Wrapping around the ridge

Through the Valley

Roughly 800m of wrapping around the ridge will bring you to an open slope, where you’ll then start switchback your way up to gain some 200m of elevation. Duck into the woods at around 1,600m and deke your way through the trees until you reach the opening at the lake. This will give you partial views of Lazy Boy Bowl. Traverse across or around the lake and follow the valley floor up to the entry of the Bowl.

Switchbacking up the open slope. Would make a great slope to ski in the right conditions!
Reached the Lake. We saw skin tracks up on the slope to the left from some ridge skiers.

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First Views of Lazy Boy Bowl. Whiteout at the top!

Picking Your Lines in Lazy Boy Bowl

The way you ascend the bowl depends on what you’re looking to ski. Being late March, we were seeking out protected, north-facing slopes. So we ascended through the middle of the bowl, then peeled off to the left towards the top. A whiteout at about 1,950m prevented us from reaching the top of the bowl, but we picked out a great line on the southern, north-facing side of the bowl that was a nice mix of trees and rollers. We stopped for lunch and then proceeded to do two more laps in the same area, before heading out. 

Complete whiteout at about 1,950m…Time to ski down!
Nice protected powder pockets on the north aspects
Couple laps, lots of turns to be had!

The Ski Out

Some people use Lazy Boy Bowl as a way to access Cayoosh by traversing the ridgeline, and then ski out through one of the classic Cayoosh lines. However, the ski out from Lazy Boy Bowl follows the same path as the ski in. There is some fun skiing to be had along the way until you reach the logging road. While the flat 1km stretch in the logging road is a bit of a slog, it’s primarily downhill and can be done without skinning back up. 

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