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Windsurf Gear Guide (2021)

With so many types of windsurf gear available, it’s no wonder that you might feel overwhelmed. And feeling overwhelmed can quickly lead to feeling defeated, especially if you’ve just begun on your windsurfing journey. So in an attempt to alleviate the stressors that come along with the search, I’ve narrowed down the bare necessities you’ll need for smooth sailing when learning how to windsurf

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How to Windsurf: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever wanted to surf and sail at the same time? Well, thanks to windsurfing, you can.This combination sport appears easier than it looks, so if you’re not a pro, don’t worry. And if you are, you’re welcome here anyways. I created this beginner’s guide to teach newbies (and those who just want to refresh their memory) exactly how to windsurf. So join me as we cover everything from basic preparation to navigation. 

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