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Michelin Star Restaurants in Lisbon

Michelin Star Restaurants in Lisbon

Over the past couple of decades, Lisbon, Portugal has become one of the best foodie destinations in Europe. As a matter of fact, there are nine Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon! This prestigious award is only given to the most exceptional culinary experiences. The fact that there are several Michelin starred restaurants in Portugal’s capital city certainly says a lot about its thriving food scene.

This list includes all nine Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon (as of 2021). Two of them are two-star Michelin restaurants, while the remaining seven restaurants boast one Michelin star each. There are also a number of other fantastic restaurants in Lisbon that didn’t make the Michelin cut – we spent over a month living in Lisbon and pulled together our favorites here.

As expected, tables at these Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon fill up quickly. We recommend making reservations in advance in order to guarantee your spot.

Pro tip: To find more fantastic restaurants in Lisbon, we recommend using Zomato. It’s like the Portuguese version of Yelp!

Wine glass next to old elevator in Lisbon

1. Alma

Alma is one of just two two-star Michelin restaurants in Lisbon – and for good reason! The first thing you’ll notice about Alma is the stunning interior. The historic stone floors, sleek wood tables, wine-laden walls, and golden lighting all add to the restaurant’s striking, yet inviting setting.

While the ambiance at Alma is amazing, the food is exceptional. With innovative dishes, impeccable technique, and fresh ingredients, it’s clear that Alma’s two Michelin stars are well-deserved.

We recommend opting for one of the two tasting menus. Choose the Alma tasting menu if you’d like to enjoy five delicious, sustainability-focused courses. But if you’re more of a seafood lover, you may want to opt for the Coast to Coast menu instead. If neither of these options piques your interest, you can always order something from the à la carte menu.

Last but certainly not least, no culinary experience at Alma’s would be complete without a drink. The extensive wine list is curated specifically to match the dishes at this Lisbon fine dining restaurant.

Recommended dishes: Foie gras salteado, Caldeirada de peixe e marisco, Veja dos Açores, Leitão confitado

Dinner for two: €200

2. Belcanto

Belcanto is the only other Lisbon restaurant with two Michelin stars. This incredible eatery is actually located in a former convent! It’s certainly gone through quite a transformation since its days as a home for Christian nuns.

That said, there are still touches of Belcanto’s past in its ambiance. Vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and round iron chandeliers still grace the inside of this Michelin starred restaurant. When combined with large windows, shining wood floors, and lavender seating, it’s the perfect blend of old and new.

The historic setting and the contemporary meals at Belcanto create an interesting juxtaposition. Belcanto’s talented head chef José Avillez once said, “We are nonconformists by nature,” and that is an apt description of this modern Lisbon restaurant.

Like at Alma, Belcanto has two tasting menus as well as an à la carte menu. The Belcanto tasting menu is fantastic if you’re hoping to enjoy the finest of Portuguese food and culture. The Evolution menu is ideal if you’d like to see how Chef Avillez continues to modernize the highest quality ingredients.

Recommended dishes: Seabass with avocado scales, Roasted squab, Crispy suckling pig with peppercorn sauce

Dinner for two: €290

3. Fifty Seconds

Situated 120 meters high up in the eye-catching Vasco de Gama tower, Fifty Seconds offers breathtaking views of Lisbon. And while the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and this bird’s eye perspective is absolutely fantastic, that’s just an added bonus. The real gem of Fifty Seconds is the food.

The menu at Fifty Seconds boasts loads of sophisticated flavors, regardless of if you choose one of the two tasting menus or the à la carte menu. With prime ingredients like Ibérico ham, Osetra caviar, and Algarve prawns, your mouth will be watering the second you walk into the restaurant!

Recommended dishes: Salada de verduras, ervas e pétalas, brotes com puré de alface e caranguejo real; Borrego de leite com soro de parmesão, cogumelos silvestres e puré de beringela fumada; Torrija caramelizada e gelado de café

Dinner for two: €320

4. Eleven

Since Eleven opened its doors, Chef Joachim Korper has masterfully run the kitchen. The menu heavily focuses on seasonal ingredients, so every time you visit you’ll get to enjoy a new set of dishes. But regardless of what’s on the menu, you know you’ll get to savor some of the most luxurious flavors in all of Lisbon, whether it’s codfish with saffron broth or matured Galician beef loin with truffle.

In addition to its posh plates, Eleven also offers stunning views. Situated right next to the beautiful Amália Rodrigues garden, guests can admire the gorgeous manicured lawn from the restaurant. Between the fabulous food and the amazing ambience, Eleven is certainly worthy of a Michelin star.

Dinner for two: €150

5. Feitoria

The first thing you’ll want to do at Feitoria (after ensuring you have a table, of course) is take a seat at the bar for a pre-dinner drink. And as you sip on your carefully curated glass of wine or champagne, you can peer around the restaurant. Catch a glimpse of the dishes from afar, admire the modern interior design, and do a little people-watching.

Then, when you finish your drink, you can head over to your table for the highlight of your Feitoria experience: Your meal, of course! Choose between Menu Caminho | 7 Momentos and Menu Caminho | 9 Momentos. As the names imply, the first includes seven dishes (or “moments”) while the second has nine. There are also vegetarian versions of both tasting menus.

Dinner for two: €260

6. Loco

Loco may be the smallest of all of the Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon. With just one dining room and less than a dozen tables, it’s extremely important to make reservations in advance at this exceptional restaurant.

One of the coolest parts of Loco is the setup. The open kitchen is right next to the tables. And while you might think that would make for a noisy dining experience, the kitchen – led by Chef Alexandre Silva –  is surprisingly quiet and concentrated.

As expected, the dishes that come out of this efficient kitchen are masterfully plated. There is only one 16-course tasting menu at Loco, and it’s quite a culinary journey. And since Chef Silva is committed to using micro season products, creating 0% waste, and pushing the boundaries of food, you’ll have a different experience at Loco each time you visit.

Dinner for two: €230


7. Eneko Lisboa

Most Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon don’t focus on a specific cuisine. Rather, they concentrate on blending flavors and modernizing dishes. But Eneko Lisboa stands out from the crowd, as it has found a way to take Basque food and elevate it into something worthy of a Michelin star.

Chef Eneko Atxa Azurmendi was born in Basque Country, so this food is basically in his blood. For the best of Chef Eneko’s Basque dishes, we recommend one of the two tasting menus. The Erroak tasting menu showcases Eneko Lisboa’s most iconic dishes, which have stayed on the menu for years. The Adarrak tasting menu, on the other hand, offers Chef Eneko’s latest Basque-inspired creations.

Dinner for two: €240

8. 100 Maneiras

100 Maneiras is one of the newest Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon. As a matter of fact, it got its Michelin star in 2021! And since 100 Maneiras only reopened nine months before that after four years of reconstruction, its Michelin star is an even more impressive feat.

There are a few reasons why 100 Maneiras managed to obtain a Michelin star so quickly. First, there’s the newly designed interior. With rough-hewn walls, stone tables, and candle-inspired lighting, there’s no other place in Lisbon that’s quite like it.

Second, there’s Bosnian-born Chef Ljubomir Stanisic. Chef Stanisic puts everything he has into making 100 Maneiras as amazing as possible. During the restaurant’s four-year-long reconstruction, there were countless struggles, from wrong measurements to oversized stoves that had to be lifted in by crane. But Chef Stanisic worked through it all – and it paid off!

And last but certainly not least, there’s the menu. The menu at 100 Maneiras is a reflection of Chef Stansic, his struggles, and his journey. You can choose from one of six tasting menus: The Story, The Short Story, Echoes of the 100 (Vegetarian), Bold Pairing, Underline Pairing, and Italic Pairing.

Dinner for two: €220


Minimalism is the name of the game at EPUR. With understated decor, a neutral color palette, and negative plating, EPUR is one of the simplest Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon. But simple doesn’t mean easy. Rather, it takes true talent to avoid overcomplicating a dish in order to create the best possible plate.

While many chefs use an entire grocery list to make one dish, Chef Vincent Farges is able to make stunning dishes with just a handful of ingredients. Not only are these dishes absolutely delicious, but they also look like a piece of art! And to make matters even better, you can enjoy these fabulous meals for lunch or dinner.

Recommended dishes: Carabineiro, pak choi, cedrat, rau ram; Perdiz da Escócia, avelãs, trufas; Chocolate, framboesa, lúcia-lima

Dinner for two: €200

And there you have it! Lisbon certainly has a fantastic selection of Michelin Star Restaurants to choose from, certainly enough to fill a wonderful food, filled trip. Enjoy your delectable dinners, and let me know which one was your favorite below!



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