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Rajasthan Tour Itinerary

Rajasthan Tour Itinerary

Rajasthan, a wildly colorful and vibrant state, is the largest state in India. It was my personal favorite region that we visited on my 2.5 week trip through India with my best friend. It is filled to the brim with unique Indian culture, well-preserved eclectic architecture, and some of the most colorful cities you’ll find anywhere. For photographers especially, Rajasthan is paradise, which is why I put together this Rajasthan tour itinerary to help you plan your trip.

Since it is such a large state and has so many spectacular cities to visit, I strongly encourage you to spend a full week in Rajasthan. This will give you ample time to explore the beauty it has to offer and travel throughout this stunning region. Given all the travel it takes to get between the cities of this Rajasthan tour, this is actually quite a fast itinerary. However, you’ll have two nights in almost every stop, which in my opinion makes a trip much more pleasant and relaxing than doing single night stays.

As it normally is a long flight to India, I’d recommend visiting a few other major destinations in India either before or after your Rajasthan trip. In particular, Delhi and Agra are great ones due to their proximity to Rajasthan. If you’d like to head south for some variety in scenery and culture, Goa would be my recommendation!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Know Before You Go

Day 1 – Jaipur

Day 2 – Jaipur

Day 3 – Bundi

Day 4 – Udaipur

Day 5 – Udaipur

Day 6 – Jodhpur

Day 7 – Jodhpur

Know Before You Go:

Where is Rajasthan?

Located in the northwestern part of India, Rajasthan is a massive state that is just south of Delhi and shares a western border with Pakistan.

How to Get to Rajasthan: 

Depending on where you are coming from, there are three main ways to get to Rajasthan – planes, trains, or automobiles ;). If you are following the itinerary I have below, I’d suggest starting your one week Rajasthan itinerary in the beautiful pink city of Jaipur, as it is definitely the easiest city in Rajasthan to get to. Alternatively, you could do this whole tour in reverse, and start into Jodhpur. I just found starting in Jaipur to be much simpler.

Getting to Rajasthan by Car:

Since this whole Rajasthan itinerary is really best done by car, why not start the journey that way? The first city, Jaipur, is easily accessible by car from Delhi. In fact, when many people visit India they take the classic tourist route of the “Golden Triangle” that consists of Delhi, Agra (where the Taj Mahal is), and Jaipur. Driving from Delhi to Jaipur typically takes 4-5 hours. But in my opinion, it’s easier than flying unless you’re already in the airport. 

Getting to Rajasthan by Plane:

Jaipur does have a decent and surprisingly international airport that is accessible from most other major Indian cities. However, you can also get direct flights here from Dubai, Singapore, Sharjah (UAE), and Bangkok. If you’re extremely limited on time i.e. only coming to India for one week, or planning to be in another city in India other than Delhi, then I would suggest flying into Jaipur to start your Rajasthan itinerary. 

Getting to Rajasthan by Train:

I don’t have personal experience with the train system in India. That said, my friends, Mark + Mim are big fans of train travel through India, and wrote up a big blog post with all their tips about traveling India by train here.

How to Travel Around Rajasthan 

Alright so you’ve figured out from the options above how you’re going to get to Rajasthan, but how are you going to get around? In my opinion, the absolute best way to do this is to hire a driver for the extent of your trip. If your schedule is really, really, tight, you could fly or take the train, but I think the most interesting experience is by far by car. 

Not only does this allow you to see interesting village scenery from the road that you’d miss if you only visited the cities in Rajasthan, but it’s also particularly useful to already have a driver in each location you visit. I personally hate haggling with taxis. And honestly, if you take a bunch of different rides between attractions in each city that will add up unless you’re a pro haggler. Having a driver for the week not only gives you some great continuity throughout your trip, but it’s also nice to have a local with you. Our total cost for a one week private chauffeur was ₹45,500 INR or $600 USD.

Harry, our driver on this trip that we were connected to by a friend, runs his own small taxi company. He was a wonderful chauffeur for our Rajasthan tour itinerary. If you’re starting your journey in Delhi as we did, feel free to reach out to him on whatsapp at +91 99991 44343 .

When to Visit Rajasthan:

The best time of year to visit Rajasthan is during their winter season, from October to March. Since most of Rajasthan is a desert region, temperatures can be very extreme, making visiting in the summer wildly hot and unadvisable.

Rajasthan fun fact:

Many cities in Rajasthan still have a king and royal family. Of the 4 cities on this trip, 3 of them do! Jaipur even has the first royal property for rent on Airbnb, with the Queen as the host. On the plane ride home, we even sat next to a guy that went to a new year’s party hosted at Jaipur City Palace by the prince. Keep your eyes peeled – you never know who you may meet there 😉

Day 1 – Rajasthan Tour Itinerary – Jaipurfore


Give yourself a travel day

Drop your bags at the Mariott

Check out Amer Fort

Grab dinner at Bar Palladio

Give Yourself a Travel Day to Get to Jaipur

Although it’s definitely the easiest Rajasthani city to get to, it does take some time to travel to Jaipur. I think it’s best to spend half of your first day either finishing the last leg on your flight here, or driving in from Delhi like we did.

Check-in – Where to Stay in Jaipur

While there are certainly plenty of places to choose from when searching for hotels in Jaipur, there are really three main places I’d recommend staying.

  1. The Marriott – starting at $100 per night – This is where we stayed, and honestly for almost $100 a night, you’ll feel pampered AF. Picture a lobby that smells like LUXURY when you walk in. Let me tell you, scents like that are a godsend in India lol. Anyways, this is easily up there as one of the nicest Marriott’s I’ve personally stayed in, but it’s also incredibly affordable. Location wise, if you’re flying into Jaipur, it’s very close to the airport. If you’re driving, it’s just 15 minutes outside of the bustle of the city.
  2. Samode Haveli – starting at $125 per night –  If you want to stay in a boutique hotel in Jaipur, dripping with local design and quirky touches, Samode Haveli is the place for you. Haveli’s are traditional Indian manors that can be found throughout northern India, and the Samode Haveli has been converted from the original royal family manor built 175 years ago. With nightly rates starting around $125, it’s not significantly more expensive than the Marriott, but definitely a more unique experience (and where I’d love to stay when I return). Also, the location is perfect as it’s more central, and right near the Hawa Mahal for those early morning insta pics.
  3. Royal Palace – starting at $8,000 per night (not a typo) – Let’s be real, I doubt anyone reading this blog is going to stay here, but how could I not include the suite you can rent at the City Palace!! The Maharaja (Queen) of Jaipur is your host, and a prince lives here, need I say more?!

If you have time, check out Amer Fort

I’d suggest checking out Amer Fort, one of the two main forts, in the evening. It’s actually on the way into Jaipur if you’re driving in from Delhi, and will save you about a 20-minute drive from Jaipur center.

Amer Fort, located in the town of Amer, is a very luxurious old fortress, as it was the residence of the royal family before they moved the capital to Jaipur in the 1700’s. Perched atop a large hill, you can walk or ride a golf cart up the small, winding road to the entrance of the fort. Please don’t ride the elephants! Exploring the fort will probably take you an hour or two, depending on how fast you go.

In general, I’d avoid hiring a guide here. I think exploring most palaces and forts on your own, or with an audio guide, is often more pleasant. However, if you arrive late in the evening like us (due to travel), hiring a guide can help get you up the hill to buy your tickets quickly, and get in the gate before it closes so that you make sure you see the fort before official close. I’m pretty sure we arrived at the base of the fort around 5:25 when it closes at 5:30. But we made it all the way up the hill and inside with tickets before they closed the doors. 

If you finish Amer Fort earlier in the day, you can certainly jump to anything listed on Day 2. But I do think it’s good to take things easy and relax a bit. Traveling in India is a lot of sights, smells, and action all at once. Make sure you give yourself enough time to relax so that you’re not exhausted on the rest of your tour of Rajasthan.

Head to Dinner at Bar Palladio

To keep taking in the colorful designs of Jaipur during dinner, head to Bar Palladio for vibrant decor, and delicious Italian food.

Day 2 – Rajasthan Tour Itinerary – Jaipur


Sightseeing – Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort

Grab lunch at Cafe Palladio

Indulge in the dinner buffet at Marriott 

Take in the beauty of Jaipur

Jaipur probably has the most attractions out of any of the cities on this Rajasthan itinerary, so be ready for a big day of sightseeing. I’ll list them in the order I would suggest doing them. But you can really do as many as you like in whatever order you prefer.

First, Visit the Hawa Mahal

Head to the Hawa Mahal first thing in the morning. The lighting is actually best at this time of day, and it’s one of the most popular sights in Jaipur. There will be less people here at this time. While you can view it from street level, and visit inside, the best view of this classic pink building is actually across the street. The Wind View Cafe has a great view, so start your day with a coffee here.

Head to City Palace For Opening

Next up on the agenda is City Palace, an immaculately preserved royal palace where the royal family of Jaipur still lives to this day. If you’ve seen pictures of extravagantly painted ornate doors, those can be found at City Palace! In my opinion, these are the coolest things to see here. So if you’d like to get a picture of them without many people around, I’d head straight to the back courtyard where these doors can be found when you first arrive.

Cross the Street to View the Astrological Tools of Jantar Mantar

If you’re into astronomy, or even if you’re not, then this is a pretty cool site to check out. Jantar Mantar is a UNESCO heritage site that consists of a collection of nineteen massive astronomical tools, meant to be observed by the naked eye. Imagine the biggest sundial you’ve ever seen – you can read more about it here.

Hop in the car to check out the Floating Palace Jal Mahal

A floating palace located just outside of Jaipur, Jal Mahal is certainly an interesting sight to see. While you used to be able to visit the palace by rowboat, unfortunately, you’re only able to see it from shore now. I personally think the floating palaces in Udaipur are cooler, but this is a classic Jaipur sight to see nonetheless.

Grab Lunch at Cafe Palladio

The sister restaurant to Bar Palladio, Cafe Palladio is a chic little gem that’s the perfect midday or afternoon retreat from the hustle and bustle of Jaipur. Service can be a little slow, so just make sure you’re not in a rush to see too many more sights after lunch when you pop in here for a bite. 

Extra Jaipur Activities if You Have Time and Energy

After lunch you might be exhausted and want to head back to the hotel to chill. No shame in that! If, however, you got an early start to the day and still have energy I’d recommend checking out Nahargarh Fort, a beautiful fort that directly overlooks the city. This would also be a great spot to watch the sunset in Jaipur! Otherwise, I’d just recommend spending some time wandering around the beautiful pink streets of Jaipur and exploring the many markets found here.

Head back to Hotel for Buffet Dinner

I can’t say that a hotel buffet is something I EVER thought I would write a recommendation for in a blog post, but hear me out. Before our trip began, I had a friend tell me that at least once I had to indulge in a hotel buffet while in India because they’d vastly exceeded his expectations on his own trip there. Naturally, I indulged in several buffets on our 2.5-week trip to test this theory and was often happy with my choice. I think there are several reasons for this, and I’d suggest doing it earlier in your trip.

First of all, I think this works well because Indian food is the kind of food that does very well in a buffet. It’s best made in large quantities, it lasts very well, and can honestly sit in a large pot without changing texture or taste.

Second of all, it allows you to try a small quantity of a variety of dishes so that you can find some things other than butter chicken that you like. It’s kind of the ultimate sampler, you can take a spoonful of every single dish, and learn the names of what’s delicious and what’s not.

Honestly, I started taking pictures of the signs at buffets so that I would remember what I liked best to order in the next restaurant we went to. Whenever we went to restaurants, we always asked for suggestions for new dishes to try. But nine times out of ten they suggested butter chicken or chicken tikka masala because they know that westerners like those dishes. Sure some days we got that. But it was actually through tasting dishes at buffets throughout our trip that I discovered my personal two favorite dishes: Sarson Ka Saag and Paneer Papad Ki Sabzi.

Day 3 – Rajasthan Tour Itinerary – Bundi


Visit Jawahar Circle Garden

Travel to Bundi

Check into Dev Niwas Haveli

Explore Bundi’s blue back streets, stepwells, jungle book palace, fort

Lunch at Bundi Vilas Haveli Restaurant

Dinner at Dev Niwas Haveli

Watch out for monkeys….

Visit Jawahar Circle Garden Before Leaving Jaipur

As you leave Jaipur in the morning, be sure to check out the beautifully painted Jawahar Circle Garden on your way out. It’s actually located right next to the Marriott. By visiting in the morning you’ll certainly have the place to yourself. With a row of seemingly endless, beautifully painted archways, this is one of the most awe-inspiring things to see in Jaipur. So make sure you don’t skip it before heading out of town!

Travel to Bundi

It’s about a three and a half-hour drive from Jaipur to Bundi. So if you leave in the morning you should easily get there by noon, and have the afternoon to enjoy in Bundi. 

Check-in – Where to Stay in Bundi

When you arrive, check into Dev Niwas Haveli, a traditional family-run Haveli in the heart of Bundi. Like I mentioned earlier, Haveli’s are old manors, most of which have fallen into disrepair over the years. But some have been artfully preserved or restored to be beautiful bed and breakfasts, filled with heritage artifacts. Dev Niwas Haveli is one of those, and is a wonderful, comfortable and clean place to stay, with a friendly staff. With room rates starting around $50 a night, it’s definitely where you should stay while in Bundi.

Explore Bundi 

Honestly, Bundi is a pretty small place compared to the other cities on this Rajasthan itinerary. It’s by no means a village and is still quite large, but it is a bit more off the beaten path, with a lot fewer tourists and attractions to see. I’d encourage you to spend the afternoon exploring the blue backstreets of the village, and the stepwells found around town. Depending on how much energy you have, there’s also the lake palace where the Jungle Book was written – Sukh Niwas Mahal. By this point in the trip, I was a bit tired of visiting forts, but I do regret not visiting the Garh Palace located inside the Bundi fortress. From what I’ve seen through pictures, it’s filled with beautifully painted fresco walls.

Grab lunch at Bundi Vilas Haveli Restaurant

While wandering around town, we were looking for a place to have lunch and stumbled across this charming Bundi Vilas Haveli with a restaurant. It’s located right underneath the Garh Palace, so it’s an easy stop either before or after visiting there. The food was great, and the staff was kind. What more could you ask for?

Watch Kite Flying From the Rooftop But Watch Out for Monkeys at Dusk

Before sunset, make sure to head back to your Haveli and spend 5 minutes watching the city come to life flying kites across all the rooftops. Don’t stay here for too long though, as we settled in drinking tea on the rooftop and were eventually unprovokedly attacked by a monkey. We came to find out it happens more frequently than you’d like.

Enjoy Dinner Back at Dev Niwas Haveli

While I am a big fan of heading out and exploring different restaurants for dinner, I think staying in for dinner at Dev Niwas is actually the play here. Not only will you probably be tired from this long day of travel and exploring, but there are a limited number of high-quality restaurants in Bundi as it’s a smaller place. Staying in here is more like getting a local to cook for you in their own home. Needless to say, the food is delicious, and when the desert night starts to cool down make sure to order their lemon ginger tea!

Day 4 – Rajasthan Tour Itinerary – Udaipur


Travel to Udaipur

Check into Jagat Niwas hotel

Catch Sunset and dinner at Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel

Travel From Bundi to Udaipur

The drive from Bundi to Udaipur will take about 4.5 to 5 hours, so it’s worth heading out fairly early in the morning. It’s worth noting that when you arrive, the streets of Udaipur, especially those right by the lake, are very small and crowded. We wasted probably an hour going in circles when we arrived in Udaipur, and ended up having to park the car away from the hotel and take a rickshaw to get to it. Wherever you end up staying, I’d recommend you figure this last bit out ahead of time before you arrive on the busy streets of Udaipur.

Check-in – Where to Stay in Udaipur

Udaipur, known as the most romantic place in India, will likely be a highlight for you on your Rajasthan Tour. It is situated on charming Lake Pichola and feels straight out of a fairy tale. I think most of the charm here has to do with the lake, which houses several floating palaces. Because of this, I think you definitely should book a hotel that is on the lake, or at least with great views of the lake in Udaipur. We booked incredibly last minute and weren’t able to find anything great, that was available last minute and affordable. Don’t make the same mistake we did, and book in advance 🙂 Here are a few of my favorite places that I’ll be booking when I return to Udaipur:

  1. Jagat Niwas Palace – starting at $75 per night – A converted family Haveli with spectacular design and lake views. This is where we really wanted to stay, but it was booked out! This hotel was right next to the Haveli we ended up staying in, so I did get the chance to walk through and it is a charming boutique hotel filled with colorful antiques and quirky Udaipur design. It has a great view of the lake, and a fantastic restaurant (which I’ll touch on later).
  2. Shiv Niwas Palace – starting at $150 per night – This Palace is located right next to City Palace of Udaipur, and actually used to house foreign dignitaries and guests of the royal family on visits to the palace. It has a bit more of a resort feel, with a large pool and still has a fantastic lakeside location, that is still centrally located in Udaipur.
  3. Taj Lake Palace – starting at $500 per night – A floating palace that has been immaculately preserved. Honestly, this is a bucket-list-worthy place that I will 100% splurge on the next time I visit Udaipur. From what I’ve heard and read, staying here will make you feel like you’ve just stepped back in time, and are part of an Indian Royal family. You, unfortunately, can’t even visit the Palace unless you’re staying there. So if you want to check out the most beautiful floating palace in India, be sure to book one night to stay at the Taj Palace.

Take it Easy if You Arrive Early

Depending on what time you arrive, you may find yourself with some extra time in the afternoon to explore Udaipur. Again, I’d encourage you not to try to cram in too much sightseeing on a long travel day. Udaipur has the most relaxed atmosphere of all the cities on this Rajasthan Itinerary, so I’d encourage you to take it easy if you arrive early. I think the best thing to do would be either walking the trail along the lake (easy to find, just walk toward the waterfront) or wander some of the streets near the lake and do some shopping!

Catch Sunset and dinner at Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel

No matter what, make sure that you’re ready for dinner in time for sunset. You have two nights in Udaipur, and therefore two sunsets, and let me just say you should prioritize enjoying these above all else! Our first night, we caught sunset and dinner at Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel, and not only was the food fantastic (try my favorite Indian dish the Paneer Papad Ki Sabzi), but the views are spectacular. They even have heaters and blankets for when it gets chilly after dark. 

Day 5 – Rajasthan Tour Itinerary – Udaipur


Sightseeing – City Palace, Explore Udaipur, Shop at the Markets

Lunch at Millets of Mewar

Sunset Boat Tour

Dinner at Upre

Sightseeing in Udaipur

This is your main day to explore Udaipur. But as I’ve mentioned, I think this is a great place to relax, without too many big attractions to “check off the list”. The main place to prioritize visiting would be City Palace, and it gets very busy quickly so I would go first thing in the morning.  

After that, if you haven’t gotten a chance to stroll along the shore of Lake Pichola yet, now’s the perfect time to! As you wander through town, you’ll see many markets and street vendors selling handcrafted leather goods, dyed textiles, and much more. If you are really looking for something else to see or do, Ekling Ji Temple is located just out of town. It is a popular attraction in Udaipur, but we opted to skip it in favor of relaxing.

Stop for Lunch at the Millets of Mewar

A local healthy restaurant featuring a variety of vegetarian and vegan foods, Millets of Mewar is a unique spot to stop for lunch while in Udaipur. Not only is the food delicious, but they’ve got some great big open terraces and a lovely atmosphere for enjoying your lunch. If you’re feeling under the weather, they even have a homemade herb tea that’s supposedly a cure for any cold or upset stomach. We were feeling a bit worn down and under the weather by this time in the trip, so this tea fixed us right up! Pro-tip: They’ll even bring you a canister of this tea to a nearby hotel if you’re particularly ill.

Sunset tour on Lake Pichola

Other than visiting the City Palace, taking a sunset tour by boat on Lake Pichola is the other classic thing to do while in Udaipur. There are a variety of different boat tour providers, but I’ve heard that often the budget ones can be crowded and unpleasant. If you’re interested in doing this, I’d recommend organizing it with Jagat Niwas Palace. They have the reputation of having the nicest boat and overall atmosphere on the water. As I mentioned we were pretty tired by this point in the trip, so we opted to pass on the sunset cruise. But when I do return to Udaipur, this is top of my list!

Enjoy a rooftop dinner at Upre

To get an interesting vantage point of the city of Udaipur, head across the bridge to the other side of town and enjoy a rooftop dinner at Upre. Not only will you have a great view across the lake of the city, but the building of Upre itself is filled with unique local design elements. High-quality food and even better views – for what more could you ask? Make sure to call ahead to get a reservation as they are quite popular.

Day 6 – Rajasthan Tour Itinerary – Jodhpur


Travel to Jodhpur

Check into Ajit Bhawan


Dinner at Dahni

Travel to Jodhpur

You’re in for another big day of driving as the journey from Udaipur to Jodhpur is also 4.5 to 5 hours. However, this journey will take you over some beautiful mountain passes, and through some fascinating villages, so I promise you will be thoroughly entertained along the way!

Check-in Where to Stay in Jodhpur 

Jodhpur is a vibrant and bustling city with a wide variety of accommodation options. Since the city is quite intense itself, I’d recommend staying somewhere that at least feels a bit more private and secluded with a resort-like atmosphere. This way you have a great spot to relax after a hectic day traveling today, before exploring the city tomorrow. While there are certainly many places you could stay in Jodhpur, there are three unique places that really stand out to me.

  1. Ajit Bhawan – starting at $70 per night – An old palace masterfully transformed into a heritage resort property, which is still owned by the local royal family to this day. We stayed here in a luxury glamping tent and honestly had such a fantastic time. The staff was truly WONDERFUL and exceptionally kind. The grounds are sprawling, and even though you’re just outside the bustle of Jodhpur, you feel a million miles away. Tucked into your own little oasis. The on-premise restaurants are also great – more on that to come!
  2. RAAS –  starting at $145 per night – A very modern boutique hotel, tucked just under the fort and right in the heart of Jodhpur. Yet somehow it still feels like an oasis. If you’re after strikingly clean design elements, and a resort feel right in the thick of the action, RAAS is the place for you to stay in Jodhpur.
  3. Umaid Bhawan Palace – starting at $300 per night – A spectacular sprawling palace where Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra famously married in 2018. It’s practically impossible to visit the palace unless you stay here, or commit to spending $100 at high tea. So if you’d like to visit and see the grounds, I’d recommend staying here.


Feels funny to write this on an itinerary, but don’t try to do too much! This one week tour of Rajasthan is pretty jam packed. So make sure to give yourself some time to just hang out, enjoy the pool and wonderful property wherever you’re staying.

Enjoy a Traditional Rajasthani Dinner at Dhani

Whatever resort or hotel you end up staying at, it’s worth coming to visit the Ajit Bhawan to have dinner at Dhani, their Authentic Rajasthani Thali restaurant. On top of having great local cuisine, they’ve built a cozy ambiance with outdoor dining under thatched roofs that almost feels like it belongs at the beach.

Day 7 – Rajasthan Tour Itinerary – Jodhpur


Toorji Stepwell


Mehrangarh Fort

Lunch at RAAS

Dinner at Ajit Bhawan

Visit the Most Beautiful Stepwell – Toorji Stepwell

While on this tour of Rajasthan, we visited and researched stepwells at every stop. I can say without a doubt that the Toorji Stepwell is the cleanest and most immaculately maintained of all of them. Probably because it was completely restored in 2017. Unlike other stepwells where it is actually illegal to walk down the steps and explore the stepwell, the Toorji stepwell is available and open to the public for free. Also, it doesn’t seem to get too busy so it’s actually a pleasant place to hang out and take some photos.

Shopping in Jodhpur

Although I did some damage in most cities we visited, I by far did the best shopping throughout our Rajasthan itinerary while in Jodhpur. Most of these shops were actually found very close to the Toorji stepwell, in the area known as Stepwell Square. If you find the building with Via Jodhpur, there are quite a few lovely shops here and it’s a great place to pick up some high-quality gifts for people back home.

Lunch at RAAS

Whether or not you decide to splurge to stay at the upscale hotel RAAS, you can still enjoy their location, property, and great food by stopping in for lunch. Located right next to stepwell square, this is the perfect place to treat yourself to a nice lunch and have a little rest at this oasis in your exciting Jodhpur exploration day. 

One more Fort – Mehrangarh Fort

If you haven’t been “forted out” yet, head on up to Mehrangarh Fort for a great view of the Jodhpur city sprawl. I didn’t go inside myself, but I believe this is where you can see the classic view of the blue buildings Jodphur is known for.

Dinner at the Garden Restaurant at Ajit Bhawan

Enjoy your final dinner on your Rajasthan tour back at the Ajit Bhawan hotel with their Garden restaurant. It’s a lovely outdoor, alfresco dining atmosphere and with frequent live events including cultural dances, so you’re sure to be entertained as well.

And that’s all folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this one week Rajasthan tour itinerary. I’d suggest enjoying one final night in Jodhpur before flying out the next morning. From here, you can either continue your trip to see more of the golden triangle (Delhi, and the Taj Mahal in Agra) or fly south to visit Goa or Mumbai.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to help you plan your trip to Rajasthan 🙂


Larissa Tung-Berry

Sunday 19th of April 2020

No doubt about it that India is one of the most colorful, fascinating countries to visit and Rajasthan is its gem. We spent 3 weeks touring Rajasthan with car and driver and could have done another 3 weeks more, so much to see. That was about 10-12 years ago. One of our best trips. I enjoyed your photos and comments so much . Your descriptions are vivid and the suggestions very helpful. Thanks for the pleasure of seeing your photos that brought many wonderful memories. I love the one with you in the red skirt!


Friday 24th of April 2020

Thanks so much Larissa! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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