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The Best Toronto to Newfoundland Road Trip

The Best Toronto to Newfoundland Road Trip

The journey from Toronto to Newfoundland is slowly becoming more and more popular. After all, there are loads of great stops on the way, including the capital city of Ottawa, francophone Quebec City, and the naturally stunning Cape Breton Island.

To get from Toronto to Newfoundland, it takes 34 hours of driving. After all, there are just under 2,000 kilometers of land to cover! In order to fully enjoy this drive and make as many stops as you like, we highly recommend taking your time and spreading the journey over several days.

It’s important to note that this guide is just a structured suggestion of a Toronto to Newfoundland road trip itinerary. It is by no means the only acceptable option out there. You can definitely adjust this guide to fit your preferences, whether that means taking stops out, putting some in, or changing the length of time at each destination.

Days 1-2: Toronto

The first half of this Toronto to Newfoundland road trip is filled with large, yet beautiful Canadian cities. For that reason, it only makes sense to start with the largest one of them all: Toronto.

Given that Toronto is home to 2.6 million people, it’s no surprise to find out that it’s also packed with things to do. During your two days in Toronto, you can pick and choose the activities that pique your interests the most.

Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium. History buffs can easily spend a full day at the Royal Ontario Museum. Nature fans will definitely want to make the journey to the breathtaking Niagara Falls. And foodies will love wandering around the Distillery Historic District and popping into all of the cool eateries. Which of these fantastic stops will you choose to visit?

Toronto to Newfoundland Days 3-4: Ottawa

The second stop on this Toronto to Newfoundland road trip is Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. This huge city is home to nearly one million people and loads of things to do.

Since Ottawa is the capital of Canada, it should come as no surprise to find out that there are a lot of political and historical attractions in the city. You can take a tour of Parliament, explore the Canadian Museum of History, visit the Canadian War Museum, and pop by the Bank of Canada Currency Museum.

But politics and history definitely aren’t all there is to Ottawa! As a matter of fact, they are just small parts of this multifaceted city. You can also find fun souvenirs at ByWard Market, sail along the Rideau Canal, stop and smell the flowers at the Canadian Museum of Nature, and skate on the world’s largest ice skating rink!

Days 5-6: Montreal

By day five of this itinerary, you’ll cross into the French-speaking part of Canada, more specifically, into Montreal.

Montreal is in the Canadian province of Quebec, where about 95% of the population speaks French! This means there’s a whole new culture for you to experience and enjoy! (Don’t worry – if you don’t speak French, the citizens of Quebec also speak English. But they really appreciate it if you attempt to speak French, so try to learn a few phrases!)

First thing’s first, you have to walk around Old Montreal (also known as Vieux-Montréal). Established in the 17th century, Old Montreal is the oldest neighborhood in the city, which means it’s just bursting with historic charm.

Much of the beauty of Old Montreal comes from the little things, like the cobblestone streets, the quaint sidewalk cafes, and the St. Lawrence River views. But if you’re more of a goal-oriented traveler, the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, Bonsecours Market, and the Old Port are all amazing stops.

But there’s more to Montreal than just Old Montreal. You can also get a few treats from the Jean-Talon Market, make it to the summit of Mount Royal, and explore the Montreal Biodome.

Toronto to Newfoundland Days 7-8: Quebec City

Despite the fact that you’ll have to leave Montreal behind, your time in francophone Canada doesn’t have to come to an end just yet. Your next stop is French-speaking Quebec City.

Like Montreal, Quebec City also has an old city that’s worth exploring. One of the best things to do is simply pop into one of the adorable sidewalk cafes to savor a cup of coffee and a pastry. And after you’ve done that, you can visit Chateau Frontenac, Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica-Cathedral, and Place Royale.

But there are modern parts of Quebec City as well. As a matter of fact, it’s this contrast that makes Quebec City such an amazing place to visit. You can zipline over Montmorency Falls, explore the Museum of Civilization, and listen to some of the best contemporary artists at Festival d’été de Quebec.

Day 9: Saint John

Once you hit day nine of this Toronto to Newfoundland itinerary, things begin to calm down. Rather than visiting another massive city, you’ll make your way to the little town of Saint John.

Saint John is most well-known for its location on the Bay of Fundy. This bay has the highest tides on the entire planet! At low tide, you can walk along the ocean floor, but at high tide, it soars up to 16 meters! This makes for some incredible white water rafting opportunities, which we highly recommend. The best place to see this cool natural phenomenon is at the gorgeous Fundy National Park.

But the Bay of Fundy certainly isn’t the only cool part about Saint John. This little town is bursting with things to do! Shop around Saint John City Market, wander around Irving Nature Park, and zipline across the Reversing Falls Rapids.

Toronto to Newfoundland Days 10-11: Prince Edward Island

There are a surprising number of islands on this Toronto to Newfoundland road trip, and Prince Edward Island is the first of them.

Despite its small size, Prince Edward Island has a shocking number of things to do. As a matter of fact, visitors usually spend several days exploring all of the awesome spots that the island has to offer. But since you’ll only have two days before heading to your next incredible stop, you’ll need to pick and choose your favorites.

If you love history, you’ll definitely want to add Charlottetown to your itinerary. In 1864, Charlottetown hosted the important Charlottetown Conference, which later led to the official formation of Canada.

If you’re an avid reader, Green Gables Heritage Place is a must-stop. This attraction is a recreation of the home in Anne of Green Gables, so you’ll be able to feel like you’ve been transported right into the book!

But Prince Edward Island is probably best for nature lovers. While there are loads of natural gems to see, the red sandstone cliffs are the most unique. You can visit Prince Edward Island National Park, Cape Tryon, and Port-la-Joye-Fort Amherst National Historic Site to see this distinctive natural landscape. And to make things even better, some parts of these red sandstone cliffs have eroded to make stunning red sand beaches, like Cavendish Beach.

Days 12-13: Cape Breton Island

While the drive from Toronto to Newfoundland is filled with gorgeous stops, Cape Breton Island is definitely one of the most picture-perfect. With the sparkling waters, stunning ocean cliffs, and sleepy fishing villages, it looks absolutely magical!

In order to see as much of the island as possible during your two days, we recommend following the Cabot Trail. This lovely trail loops around most of Cape Breton Island and passes by many of the island’s most amazing sites. You can hike the famous Skyline Trail, say hello to the friendly animals at the Groovy Goat Farm, take in the views from the Cape Breton Island lookout, or enjoy a tour at The Glenora Distillery.

Toronto to Newfoundland Days 14-16: Newfoundland

Despite the fact that it’s quite easy to drive to Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island, that’s not the case for Newfoundland. But don’t worry! You can take a ferry (and bring along your car) instead!

There are only two ferry routes from the mainland of Canada to Newfoundland, and both of them depart from North Sydney on Cape Breton Island. The more popular ferry takes you to Argentia, Newfoundland, but the more cost-efficient ferry takes you to Port aux Basque, Newfoundland. Both of these ferries allow you to take your car along for the ride.

Once you reach Newfoundland, there will be so many fun things that you can do! Nature lovers will love tackling a hike through Gros Morne National Park. Animal lovers will have the time of their lives on a Newfoundland whale watching tour. And foodies and wine lovers will enjoy a tour of the Auk Island Winery. On top of all of that, you can even watch the first sunrise in North America while in Newfoundland! 

So what are you waiting for? Now that we’ve laid out this Toronto to Newfoundland road trip itinerary for you, are you ready to go? Let us know how your getaway goes in the comments!