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Michelin Star Restaurants in Lisbon

Over the past couple of decades, Lisbon, Portugal has become one of the best foodie destinations in Europe. As a matter of fact, there are nine Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon! This prestigious award is only given to the most exceptional culinary experiences. The fact that there are several Michelin starred restaurants in Portugal’s capital city certainly says a lot about its thriving food scene.

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What to Do in Lisbon in 2 Days

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, a full vacation, or simply have a long layover to explore the city – there’s no doubt about it – there’s plenty to see in Lisbon, Portugal. From cobblestoned charming streets, to gourmet cuisine, and stunning red roof vistas, Lisbon has a lot of beautiful culture and activity to take in.

Planning to spend some time here soon? Here’s our guide to all the best things to do while you’re in Lisbon!

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Best Restaurants in Lisbon

Lisbon has quietly become one of the best foodie cities in Europe. Scratch that, best foodie cities in the world! With a salivating lineup of great restaurants for every budget, it’s one of those cities where it’s worth lining up your breakfast , lunch, and dinner plans for your entire visit, so that you don’t leave without hitting all your share of phenomenal restaurants.

After spending over a month living in the city, here is our list of 14 must-try restaurants in Lisbon. If you’re visiting during the summer, you will likely need a reservation at most of these restaurants, unless you opt for an early dinner. We had a fair amount of success showing up to restaurants right when they opened at 7pm, and getting in without a reservation. However, if you’re looking to eat later, or have a larger group, it’s best to book a table ahead of time.

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Skiing The Haute Route: Everything you Need to Know

A Classic Ski Tour: The Haute Route In the world of ultimate ski trips, there is one that is often at the top of every adventure skier’s bucket list – The Haute Route. Meaning “High Road” in English, The Haute Route traverses the French and Swiss Alps from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland. As we …

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