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Black Crows Atris Review

Black Crows is one of the fastest-growing brands in skiing. And for good reason. Started in 2006 in the iconic mountain town of Chamonix, Black Crows is the realized dream of a pair of professional freeskiers, Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet. Their mission was to create a lineup of big mountain skis that still offered exceptional agility and stability at high speeds. This exceptional performance, combined with novel designs and a brand that exudes the authentic spirit of Chamonix, has led to an explosion across the ski world. Today, a decade and a half later, Black Crows is ubiquitous across Europe and has started to take North America by storm as well. This article, specifically, is a Black Crows Atris review, outlining why I chose to buy these skis, how they’ve performed, and for whom I would recommend them. Let’s dive in!

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G3 SENDr Review: Calling All Powder Hunters

The two most impactful pieces of backcountry skiing gear are your skis and your boots. While the other gear plays an important role, skis and boots are the things your going to notice the most on every step and every turn. When it comes to these two pieces of gear, there’s this paradoxical problem of wanting something that’s lightweight and flexible on the uphill, but burly and stiff for the descent. You want to be able to climb efficiently and comfortably, but you don’t want that feathery gear to hold you back from floating on powder and charging the descent. The G3 SENDr skis are a valiant solution to this paradox.

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Tecnica Cochise Review: The one-boot quiver solution

Backcountry ski touring has exploded in popularity over recent years. Increased avalanche educational resources, better infrastructure, and an overall desire to escape overcrowded resorts has led to the proliferation of this great sport. But let’s be honest here, getting into backcountry skiing is expensive.
Starting out with ski touring doesn’t only require specialized skis, boots, poles, and outerwear. It also requires all kinds of new gear like skins, avalanche safety equipment, touring packs, and more. The costs add up in a hurry! Thankfully, there are ways to get into backcountry skiing without breaking the bank. One of the ways to do that, without sacrificing on quality, is the Tecnica Cochise.

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Skiing The Haute Route: Everything you Need to Know

A Classic Ski Tour: The Haute Route In the world of ultimate ski trips, there is one that is often at the top of every adventure skier’s bucket list – The Haute Route. Meaning “High Road” in English, The Haute Route traverses the French and Swiss Alps from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland. As we …

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